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Inno Roof Box Review – 2018 Nissan Pathfinder –

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Full transcript:
Today we’re in 2018 Nissan Pathfinder. We’re gonna be testing the Inno wedge rooftop cargo box, which is part number INBRN624BK. This box is a great accessory for your Pathfinder. It’s gonna allow you to get a lot of cargo, any type of other gear, or luggage, or anything like that, out of your vehicle. Store it up on your roof to make more room inside for other things, such as family members or pets.It’s an enclosed box. You’re not gonna have to worry about putting anything that could be affected by the elements.

So, anything that could be affected by water. No problem. It’s gonna keep all the rain out. And it’s also gonna protect it from any type of UV rays, which is also a great bonus.It’s got a nice aerodynamic shape to it. It’s gonna help cut down on wind noise and drag.

With anything you put on your roof, you’re going to experience some of that wind noise and drag. But, the aerodynamic shape of this is gonna minimize that.Now another great feature about this box is it has a dual sided opening lid. We’ll start on this side. I’ll show you how to open it up. It’s gonna be the same process on both sides.

So just climb up here. We’re gonna insert our key into a lock. And we’re gonna turn it to the unlock position. And we’ll push the black button, and then it opens right up.Here we go. You can see, now there’s plenty of space in here.

This is nice for if you’re parking in your garage, you’re against the wall, you got a ton of stuff and you can’t access the passenger side. Well you just get on the driver’s side and access it there.Now when you close it, another cool feature is that you’re not gonna be able to lock it up or remove the lid until it’s closed properly, until all three latches are secure. Once they are, you can lock it up and then it’s good to go.Now I’m gonna come over to the other side and open it up again. And we can take a closer look at the inside. If you have any type of height restriction, you know your Pathfinder is a bit tall, so you can just hop up on the door step like I am. And you got plenty of access. Same process to open it up. There we go.Now we’re gonna have four different clamps holding in our roof box. We have the third one, the fourth one right here I should say. We have three from the installed. Now these are called memory mount clamps. So, when we wanna put it on our roof rack, we have it on the crossbar right there. We’ll clamp it down like so. Now it’s a bit loose, so all you would do is tighten or loosen this knob if it’s too tight. You just tighten that up and you try to clamp it again. And you just keep doing that until you have it to the correct width of your crossbar.Now obviously we’re not gonna install it out here, so we’re gonna bring it on the inside of the box. We’re gonna insert it into this rubber channel right here. And have the claws of the clamp go through and under the crossbar. From there, see if we can clamp it down. It’s a bit loose. We’ll tighten it up a little more. There we go.Those four clamps. The box is very secure, so you’re not gonna have to worry about it shifting at all while you’re traveling. We have two straps that you can use to tie down your cargo if it’s not filled to capacity. It’s gonna help avoid your contents from shifting around while you’re traveling. We also have four tie down points you can see in the hooks right here. One right here, and there’s gonna be one on every other hook.Close that up real quick. I wanna show you another concern that people will have is if they will have access to their trunk. Now just depending on where you put your roof box. You can put it on a wide variety of crossbar spreads. But as long as your clear of the antenna on the back then you’re gonna be clear to open up your trunk without any problems.The weight capacity for this box is 165 pounds, but you wanna double check with your vehicle’s manual to make sure that your roof rack and your roof can handle that weight.That’ll do it for our look at the Inno wedge rooftop cargo box on our 2018 Nissan Pathfinder.


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